Anti-Aging Treatments

Anti aging treatments are all the rage these days, and there have been some incredible new treatments and products in the last year or two.. The biggest demand has been for non invasive products and treatments that do not involve surgery of any kind, such as fat burning and chin implants being the most popular.

There has been a huge demand for toxin- free alternatives to Botox, to counter the signs of aging i.e. wrinkles. Although Botox is quite safe these days, people still prefer the idea of anti aging without the toxic injections.

Such an alternative has arrived in the form of Iovera, which is a procedure that involves the use of Nitrous Oxide, which is used to actually freeze the nerves attached to the muscles in the face, thus reducing the visibility of wrinkles and lines. This procedure will give results that are expected to last about three or four months and takes a mere 15 minutes

A new fat removal process that uses cold is called Cryolipolysis and it uses cold to cause the breaking down of fat cells, it is apparently completely pain free and the latest version is known as ProShock, which is a two- stage process. It is very expensive and expect to need at least 4 to 6 treatments and to have to pay about £1000.

The first stage involves the placing of a plate device directly on the skin then it is cooled at a very high speed which apparently causes destruction of the fat cells locally, which arte then naturally eliminated from the body over the next two or three weeks, then there is s a second stage to the treatment whereby a series of high pressure sound waves are applied to the skin to cause tightening and smoothing to prevent saggy loose skin after the fat has been eliminated.

Another fat busting process currently taking the beauty industry by storm is Lipotripsy, which utilizes radial wave technology which is applied through the use of a hand held unit that delivers the radial waved through the body and increases the blood flow to the area being treated and reduces the unwanted cellulite in appearance while at the same time increasing the skins natural elasticity. No cells are actually destroyed during or after the process, just the fat cells are made to be more permeable so they naturally drain into the body's lymphatic system, which carries them away.

This again is an expensive process, expect to have to pay for 10 treatments and these will cost £250 -£300 each.

Nourishing beauty oils have hit the headlines again this year, including Retinol which is a derivative of Vitamin A, which has a reputation for anti aging and wrinkle reduction, it was originally launched more than 75 years ago as a cure for acne but was not used for beauty enhancement until its side effects of flaky skin and sensitivity were significantly reduced, now it apparently is highly effective and produces no unpleasant side effects.

Another excellent anti aging cream is L'Oreal Extraordinary facial oil which is composed from a number of essential oils and has been making waves in the industry for its amazing ability to improve the effects of aging on dry skin.