Aromatherapy has been around for thousands of years. It has become incredibly popular world wide in a variety of uses including therapeutic and for beauty treatments

Aromatherapy uses oils extracted from plants either by way of steam or they are distilled and are intended for use on the skin. Herbal distillates are used to make herbal teas and balms.

As well as its healing properties aromatherapy can be a great hobby or even a home based business. The essential oils can be purchased either in health or beauty shops and now they are so popular they can be found in many department stores, supermarkets and pharmacies.

The influence of aromatherapy on our buying habits over the last twenty years is nothing short of phenomenal everywhere you go you see aromatherapy influences in natural beauty products, teas, even washing powders and detergents are now available in lavender or lemon scented varieties.

There are now aromatherapists in almost every health and beauty salon in the world and aromatherapy treatments are available for all kinds of problems ranging from depression to eczema. Many of these treatments are obviously bogus, some are in the middle somewhere and others are proven to be effective, but it's very difficult to tell one from another.

There is no doubt that essential oils have some amazing properties and provided the necessary safety guidelines are adhered to it can be totally safe to used at home.

Essential oils are concentrated plant essences and for massage they are mixed with a carrier oil usually a cold pressed vegetable oil. At a ratio of about 15 drops of essential oil to 30ml of carrier oil. Carrier oils themselves are known to have befits like peach kernel for nourishing the skin, apricot oil for smoothing wrinkles, almond oil for lubricating and smoothing the skin and coconut oil for cleansing and rejuvenating.

The essential oils themselves used most frequently in beauty and health spas are lavender for its antiseptic and stimulating effect, great for oily skin and for helping to heal blemishes and spots.

Geranium oil is great for balancing combination skins and as an emotional healer and soother.

Benzoin oil is great for dry skins, is an antiseptic and has a toning effect.

Patchouli oil is great for soothing dry and flaky skin

Neroli oil is used for its rejuvenating and regenerating effects and is the only oil that is recommended for using near the eyes, great for healing broken capillaries.

Myrrh oil is great for inflamed skin and for treating skin that is older and needs nourishing and replenishing, as id Frankincense

Sweet fennel oil is used for treating cellulite and it has great anti-inflammatory effects and is often used for soothing, cleansing and toning.

Lemon oil is great cleansing oil and is a natural astringent it also has great healing effects for sufferers of high blood pressure, rheumatism arthritis varicose veins and oedema.

Vetiver oil is used for its natural calming and relaxing properties and it also is a great healing oil and is used widely for revitalizing rejuvenating, aches and pains, even arthritis and rheumatism. It is strengthening and balancing oil that has a great effect on depression anxiety and general emotional imbalance.

There are so many great essential oils out there, too many list them all, here is a video that goes into detail the various aromatherapy oils out there -