Popular Beauty Treatments

What have been the most popular beauty treatments we have seen gaining popularity in the UK this year?

Eyebrow extensions and brow bars are starting to show up in city centres and now Superdrug is featuring them in over 200 of their stores. Eyebrow treatments are one of the fastest growing fads in the industry today with an amazing 50% growth rate over last year. Just think, never having to mess around with eyebrow pencils any more and having perfectly symmetrical brows.


Hair bars are also showing up all across the UK ideal for that rapid colour change or blow dry, bookings have almost doubled for speedy hair dos, all the rage in New York and now it's catching on in a big way over here On the subject of hair, rainbow coloured hair dos are catching on everywhere with hundreds of women sporting psychedelic coloured hair and bright neon style colours!

Natural beauty products, treatments and spas are on the increase, partly due to the influence of Hollywood stars and actresses endorsing natural ways to look good, including improved nutrition and healthy lifestyles, yoga, juicing, meditation and eco spas, these kind of treatments and products are seeing increasing interest not only in the UK but worldwide.

Teeth whitening treatments are gaining popularity in the UK as more and more people are looking to buy whitening and brightening products to keep those dazzling smiles flashing. Almost every dental surgery has a whitening treatment available these days and many people are going for it.

Another therapy that is increasing in sales and popularity is Cryotherapy the new way to lose cellulite by the application of low temperature, plate- like devices to cause fat cells to literally disappear, anything to avoid invasive surgery and scalpels! So are face peels and laser resurfacing treatments, so we may be finally seeing the end of Botox and facelifts, just think, no more frozen faces! Non-surgical face-lifts are the wave of the future, it seems.

Cucumber Facial

Nail art is still huge, with new salons and therapists popping up everywhere it seems, although the models on the catwalks are using nail art less these days, its still a huge industry and still growing, with more imaginative and exciting designs coming out every day. More and more salons are offering nail art these days and there are designs for stencils available online and even to download. Many salons are buying laser stencil cutting machines to make spray stencils for nail art and spray tattoos..

Spray tanning products seem to have flooded the shelves of every Boots and Superdrug, with prices dropping and quality rising, for less than the cost of a night out you can equip yourself with everything you need (spray lotion, airbrush, pop up tent and exfoliating gloves) to give yourself that ST. Tropez tan you've always wanted! Most of the kits we have seen come with enough lotion to give yourself a spray tan all over for at least 4 treatments and the refills are available for about £10 .